Erin Loman Jeck: Success Coach, TEDx Speaker & Author

  • Client Name: Erin Loman Jeck: Success Coach, TEDx Speaker & Author
  • Type of Business: Business Consulting & Marketing
  • Website URL:
  • Platform: MyKajabi CMS & E-Commerce (Online Course Management)
  • Positive Outcomes: Created awareness of new marketing programs and generated call-to-action for client consultations and new projects.
  • Project Tags: branding, css3, content management system, e-commerce, lead generation, front-end development, marketing, mykajabi, multimedia, website

Collaborated with Erin Loman Jeck on the development of engaging, creative concepts for her MyKajabi-hosted online course management website, content production, and online promotions. Results of this phase of the project prepared the client to reach local clientele and extend her professional network across multiple channels and touch points (e.g. email, podcasts, social media, websites).

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