Haydee Antezana: Conference Speaker & Personal Branding Coach

  • Client Name: Haydee Antezana International: Conference Speaker & Personal Branding Coach
  • Type of Business: Marketing & PR
  • Website URL: http://www.haydeeantezana.com/
  • Platform: WordPress with Responsive Theme by ThemeForest.com (Envato Marketplace)
  • Positive Outcomes: Created awareness of new marketing programs and generated call-to-action for client consultations and new projects.
  • Project Tags: branding, css3, content management system, lead generation, front-end development, marketing, multimedia, website, wordpress

Collaborated with Haydee Antezana, principal owner, Haydee Antezana International on development of engaging, creative concepts for website redesign, content production and promotion. Results of this phase of the project prepared the client to reach local clientele and extend her professional network across multiple channels and touch points (e.g. email, podcasts, social media, websites). Deployed a fully-responsive, mobile and SEO-friendly WordPress theme and client-provided content (e.g. blog, e-mail lead capture form, Vimeo videos). Employed WordPress CMS and a bootstrap-based framework with a customized child theme and layout.

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Chad Heintz

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Specialist | WordPress Web Designer & Webmaster at Mpower Web Solutions
Chad Heintz is founder and owner of Mpower Web Solutions (Instagram: @mpowerwebsolutions), a versatile web design (emphasis on WordPress CMS & Frontend Design/Development) and digital marketing services business operating out of Murrieta/Temecula, CA since 2010. Chad is extremely passionate about talking to business owners, managers, and even front-line employees about their day-to-day challenges, expectations, and goals.
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