• Client Name: David Rankin, Owner & Resident Moulder Doctor, Moulder Services Inc.
  • Type of Business: Woodworking Machinery Equipment, Parts & Services
  • Location of Business: Troutman, NC
  • Website URL: http://www.moulderservices.com
  • Platform: Volusion E-Commerce with Responsive Template

UPDATE 2/10/2015: After noticing a significant increase in new visitors using smartphones and tablets, the e-commerce storefront template for this typically “brick-and-mortar” business required a more “responsive” layout. We have recently deployed a more “mobile friendly” template design to provide MSI’s customers the ability to browse and checkout from any platform and mobile device.

Moulder Services Inc., (MSI) required the ability to promote and sell its products and accessories for wood moulder machinery. Leveraging the numerous features of a Volusion E-Commerce storefront and backoffice, an online store was set up with SSL and payment gateway for secure online order capture and processing. The product database of about 1,500 SKUs was then populated from Excel files the client had provided.

To market this new venture as cost effectively as possible, Google AdWords has been employed to manage a PPC campaign and distribute related reports to MSI management. Google Analytics helps with tracking site metrics, e-commerce conversions, and other valuable feedback for measuring online advertising effectiveness and product performance.

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